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Vibrators For Women Online in Malaysia | Smile Makers

Premium line of vibrators for women

On a mission to break common beliefs around women’s sexuality and satisfaction, the range of Smile Maker selection was created in a colourful and fun collection of vibrators for women vibrators as well as lubricants.

The range of smile makers include:-

The Fireman

Clitoral vibrator for vulva fun (External use)

Who he is? He knows his way around a fiery situation and he's mighty skilled at cooling things down.

What he is? A uniquely shaped clitoral vibrator featuring an intense nose, exhilarating tip, and 'soft flames' for extra sensation.

The Frenchman

Super soft oral sex vibrator (External use)

Who he is? A cunning linguist, he may speak in a foreign tongue but he sure knows what he's talking about.

What he is? The electric feather of vibrators - super flexible and soft.

The Millionaire

Classic bullet vibrator (Internal use)

Who he is? A classic gentleman and an all-rounder, he is here to pleasure you like the princess you are.

What he is? A classic vibrator with perfectly crafted form.

The Surfer

Compact bullet vibrator (External use)

Who he is? He paddles hard and rides smooth. Hang ten with this pro for an experience that will leave you feeling stoked.

What he is? A powerful and super quiet bullet vibrator for external use.

The Tennis Coach

Intense G-Spot vibrator (Internal use)

Who he is? He's sculpted and fit, with a forehand stroke designed to take very specific aim.

What he is? Gentle G-spot vibrator for vibrator-curious women.

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