Miss Cosmopolitan World 2017

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SASHES AND TIARAS… Best XIXILI Moments at Miss Cosmopolitan World 2017

When it comes to women empowerment and promoting self-body love, we go all in! We vow to be there when you’re out there strutting on the runway, conquering life; but don’t forget about those 3am self-doubting thoughts. Don’t deny it, we’ve all been there – wondering why aren’t we owning that hot bod while digging in to a tub of ice-cream.

Let’s face it ladies, we have lived most of our lives riddled with self-doubt, and dwelling on our imperfections. Your inner critic just wouldn’t shut up. Sometimes, it seems that lack of confidence is overwhelmingly a female thing. But besides our insecurities, a lot of other things make us women – we are strong, graceful, persistent, loyal and the list goes on…

This year, we took a step further in supporting women empowerment. We collaborated with Miss Cosmopolitan World 2017 to tap into beauty and body confidence.

30 stunning pageants from around the world strutted down the runway with our lingerie collections, exuding not only poise, but confidence and body love – radiating beauty from the inside out.


This is a journey of inspiring women all over the world to embrace themselves, their beauty and their values. This beautiful grand finale night witnessed beauty queens from all around the world vying for the crown. Organized 3rd year in a row, Miss Cosmopolitan World 2017 is a international beauty pageant comprising of beauty queens from 30 countries i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, USA and more. Apart from celebrating beauty and empowering women from all over the world, Miss Cosmoplitan World 2017 is held to create awareness ot tourism in our home country in conjunction of 'Malaysia Truly Asia'.


Inspired by the confidence and finesse both on stage and off, we are honored to crown Miss USA Miss Body Confidence by XIXILI. This beauty truly portrays XIXILI’s essence – embrace your body & unleash your inner confidence.


We often find ourselves enjoying the entertainment aspect of beauty pageants: we applauded, we laughed and we voted. But have you thought of the message behind all the glam and glitter?

It didn’t matter whether you’re tall or short, slim or on the curvy side. By joining the pageant, going beyond boundaries to achieve your dream require an intangible quality: radiating joy that comes from self-acceptance.

Girls, always love yourself, because that’s what’s going to translate your beauty. ❤

Click here for more gorgeous shots of the beauty queens! 

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