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Nude Liberti Boyleg

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Seamless Safety Shor

RM 43.90

RM 15.00

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Serena Boyleg Panty

RM 41.40

RM 25.00

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Sonia Boyleg Panty

RM 39.90

RM 10.50

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Amalia Asymmetrical

RM 59.90

RM 19.00

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Annalisa Bikini Pant

RM 63.90

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Annalisa Boyleg Pant

RM 63.90

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Ariba Boyleg Panty

RM 46.90

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Ariba Lace Thong

RM 36.90

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Basic Seamless Boyle

RM 39.90

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Basilia Lace Boyleg

RM 49.90

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Catalunya Thong

RM 19.90

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With an emphasis on the essential elements of fit and support, XIXILI strikes a fine balance between function and fashion in all its lingerie collections.

XIXILI was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines and curves through the right choice of brassieres and lingerie products. They passionately and dedicatedly employed their industry knowledge into crafting a business model that combines a personalized fitting experience with an exquisite lingerie range.

XIXILI lingerie advocates to educate women towards wearing the right-sized lingerie throughout all stages of her life from the youthful parties to motherhood and thereafter. Today, XIXILI embraces women of all size and shapes with its variety of knickers that includes hipster panties, boy shorts, seamless panties, bikini, shape pants, maternity panties, thongs and g strings, briefs, and the list keeps going. Go for the pops of colour or the basic nudes when you purchase your women’s underwear, and opt for lace or cotton or spandex!

To find your XIXILI size for your panties, be sure to look at our super detailed XIXILI size chart, or get in touch via email –, Facebook, or Instagram to shoot us some questions, before you shop online for your women’s underwear!

We ship domestically and internationally, and for any special requests, do email us at, and we’ll do what we can to help!