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Patty Maternity Bra

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XIB-9011 | Sizes D70 - F85
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A simple nude XIXILI maternity bra that does all its jobs without a fuss. have come to be known for. A subtle bra with sheer polka dot lace trimmings for some cuteness, this bra comes with maternity adjuster clips at the top of the bra cups and inner cup straps to keep the bra cup from flapping to allow for easy use whilst nursing your baby. Breathable cup linings accommodate to your needs during the day, and for the baby, whilst nursing. The bra is designed with a U-back wing support for better coverage and support, and to provide a slight push and centralization effect in the bra's fit, too! For sizes D70-D80, E70-E75, these bras comes with 2 hook and eye panels, and for sizes D85, E80-E85, F70-F80, each bra has 3 hook and eye panels. Best of all, the hook and eyes come with 4 columns of hook and eyes to always ensure you maintain the perfect fit through and after your pregnancy as your body shape changes.


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