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Body Vest

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Envy Premium Corset

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Lingerie Wash

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Bust Enhancer

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Contour Body Vest

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Contour Long Girdle

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Gemma Sexy Corset

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Inner Soft Pants

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Invisible Bra

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Long Girdle

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Long Vest

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Natascia Corset

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Satin Long Girdle

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Satin Waist Nipper

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Short Girdle

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Its no secret that 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized lingerie. You need not be one!

With an emphasis on the elements of fit and bust support, XIXILI strikes a fine balance between function and fashion in all its lingerie collections. And with XIXILI shapewear and corsets, you’ll be getting a double oomph in upflift and snug support!

XIXILI was founded by a group of ladies in Malaysia who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines through the right choice of brassieres. They passionately and dedicatedly employed their industry knowledge into crafting a business model that combines a personalized fitting experience with an exquisite lingerie range.

XIXILI lingerie advocates to educate women towards wearing the right-sized corsetry throughout all stages of her life from the youthful parties to motherhood and thereafter. Today, XIXILI corsets are offered in an extensive size range from cups B to G, XIXILI embraces women of all size and shapes with its variety of functional lingerie that includes corset, body shaper, body suits, girdles and other functional shapewear options. Be liberated and join the 20% of women worldwide wearing the correct-sized bra.

And now, you can buy shapewear online, too, right here! But don’t worry, there should be no compromise on fit when you do your online shopping for corsetry though. Just be sure to look at our super detailed XIXILI size chart, take the interactive journey through our Perfect FIT Quiz, or get in touch via email –, Facebook, or Instagram to shoot us some questions, before you buy your corset online!

Also, in this section you’ll find all sorts of lingerie accessories that have been specially designed for all your bra woes! Uncomfortable bra? Painful dig-ins when you wear a bra? Have a bra that you love but doesn’t fit all that great anymore? Need to go without a bra, but still be discreet? We’ve got you covered with bra strap cushions, bra wire comforter, bra band extender, petal nipple stickers, clothing fashion tape, cleavage enhancers, invisible or self adhesive push up nu bras, you name it we’ve got it!

XIXILI Malaysia ship to domestically and internationally, and for any special requests, do email us at, and we’ll do what we can to help!