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Super Bustier

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XIB-2070 | Sizes C70 - F85
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An excellent strapless solution for any occasion that calls for some shoulder baring sexiness! Or, under other outfits, keep the pair of detachable straps on for added support. You may even mix and match your own favorite straps to this bustier to suit your fancy. Aptly designed with scallop-contoured cups, this bra is sure to centralize parting breasts to create beautiful curves and volume for your bosoms. Its skillfully crafted scallop-contours tame runaway flab to be scooped into the bra cup, as opposed to being pushed out under the armpits, as often happens with typical half cup bras. High panels and extra boning make up the under bust and side bands of this bustier to give you the additional uplift for a perked up silhouette. Meanwhile, any excess flab will be disguised and ironed out under the high panel coverage. With breast support like that, you????ll be sure that this bra holds up as you dance your way through the night. Removable cookies can be found in tiny pockets inside the bra cups too. Take them out, or keep them in for a little boost and enhancer for a more daring display of cleavage!




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